Wednesday, October 14, 2020

As you begin to read these lines, it is quite possible that an inner voice has begun to accompany the movement of your eyes, which travel across the page so as to apprehend the meaning of the sentence. Each word possesses its own melody, each phrase its cadence, and thus, the inner voice has harmonised the written word. It has transformed the apparently silent act of reading into a complex sensorial experience in which sight stimulates hearing so as to incorporate meaning. Voice and corporeality unveil their inextricably tied relationship.

These ideas are the result of the alluring conference dictated by Professor Ruth Finnegan (Open University), whom the Centre for Mexican Studies UNAM-UK had the honour to have as distinguished guest speaker last Wednesday 14th of October so as to inaugurate our three day seminar “Orality: Archive and Sound”.

Professor Finnegan delighted us with profound reflections delivered in a light and jovial manner about the central role voice has not only for our interactions as humans but in human experience itself. “Voice”, Professor Finnegan argued, “is one of our strongest metaphors” not only does it comprise words but also the sounds used to convey meaning, to give significance to emotion. It appeals to all the senses.

Indeed, Professor Finnegan’s conference served as an example of voice’s sovereignty. Each one of her ideas was accompanied by a musical impetus that made the message not only clearer but also more palpable. Ruth Finnegan’s session was complemented by a no less fruitful commentary by Susana González Aktories (Facultad de Filosofía y Letras, UNAM) and Mariana Masera Cerutti (Unidad de Investigación sobre Representaciones Sociales y Culturales, UNAM) who highlighted and expanded on the topics that Finnegan put forward.

The Centre of Mexican Studies UNAM-UK is more than grateful with Professor Ruth Finnegan for delighting us with such an enticing conversation, as well as with the organisers who made this event possible. Do not miss the chance to watch the registered event in our social media platforms @UNAM_UK.

“Oralidad Archivo y Sonido” Conferencia de la profesora Ruth Finnegan. “VOICE The supreme human quality” -02