On the 10th of March, the Centre for Mexican Studies in the United Kingdom, UNAM UK, organised an exam as part of the requirements for the postgraduate programme on International Relations. A candidate living in the United Kingdom showed interest in applying from abroad. The Centre for Mexican Studies organised the conditions for the exam, in accordance with the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences from UNAM so that the candidate could take her exam at the Centre.

The Faculty of Social and Political Sciences has Master’s in Mexican Studies, as well as master’s and PhD programs in International Relations. The degrees are taught in English, which enables more international applications. Dr Rosa María Mirón Lince, head of the postgraduate programs of the Faculty of Political and Social Sciences, said that they were “open to international exchange programmes and collaboration.”

UNAM has international Centres in the United Kingdom, Canada, United States, China, Costa, Rica, among others. These Centres provide information and support to those interested in undertaking studies in any of the many programmes they offer.