The Centre for Mexican Studies in the United Kingdom, UNAM UK, in collaboration with the Modern Language Centre at King’s College London (KCL), organised a series of academic events on Gender Studies. Dr Helena López, researcher and deputy director of the Centre for Research and Gender Studies (CIEG, its acronym in Spanish, previously PUEG), travelled to London with the purpose of presenting her work in the United Kingdom. Dr López gave a lecture, presented a course and took part in a panel about key themes in the gender studies, specifically in the intersection of feminist theory, Mexican literature and reflections of effects and the body.

On the 29th of March, Helena López lectured in the main Auditorium of King’s College’s Bush House. Her paper was: “Feminist Theory, the Affective Turn and Literary Studies: an Approach to Contemporary Mexican and Colombian Textual Practices.” Professor Catherine Boyle from KCL, a highly distinguished academic in the field of gender studies, chaired the session. On the following day, Thursday 30 March, Dr López took part in a panel called “Gender Related Challenges for Latin American Women.” The panel was completed by Gisela Valle Hodge, from the Latin American Women’s Rights Service, and Stéphanie Dubois, from The Royal Institute of International Affairs, Chatham House. Cynthia Vega, president of Red Global MX-UK, chaired the event. Lastly, Dr López offered a course on Gender Studies to the staff at the Embassy of Mexico in the United Kingdom.

Throughout this series of academic events, the Centre for Mexican Studies strengthened its academic presence with the purpose of organising events around this topic periodically in order to strengthen collaboration between academics from British Universities and UNAM.