📆17 March 2021 ⏰12h🇲🇽/18h🇬🇧

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We present this award-winning documentary ‘Las colecciones científicas, un tesoro de la Nación’ (in English: Scientific Collections, a Nation’s treasure) by Rafael de Villa Magallón with subtitles in English. This documentary illustrates the origins of Alfonso L. Herrera’s Zoology Museum, from the Faculty of Sciences at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). The Museum has an important collection of specimens that represent the diversity of the fauna in Mexico and whose purpose is to initiate students into research, conducting cutting-edge studies and multidisciplinary work. The documentary won the “Best Scientific Documentary” at RushDoc festival.

The presentation will be followed by a talk between the producer and Dr Leticia M. Ochoa Ochoa. They will illustrate the contributions of the Museum for over 40 years in the generation of knowledge through its collections so we understand why these collections are considered a treasury in Mexico.

The documentary received financial support by UNAM DGAPA-PAPIME P207218