30 November 2022

By Natalia García Hess.

This past Wednesday 30 of November was the last session of the UNAM-Nottingham Aerospace Engineering Binational Seminar in collaboration with the ENES Juriquilla and the University of Nottingham. The event began with a few words from Ana Elena González, who welcomed the participants and the audience. From the University of Nottingham David Ouchterlonie, Associate Director for Global Engagement, congratulated all participants of the seminar on their contributions during the event.

The first speaker was Mirco Magnini from the University of Nottingham. His presentation was titled “Nummerical Simulations of Boiling Flows with OpenFoam”. He began with a warning to the public that his presentation required background knowledge on heat transfer and fluid mechanics. This warning was appropriate, given that his presentation was rich in technical information that was undoubtedly of great interest to an expert audience. This could be seen in the traditional Q&A session at the end of the presentation, in which different participants asked about technical aspects of the fluid dynamics Magnini explained in his talk.

The second speaker was Jorge Ferrer of the ENES Juriquilla of the UNAM. His presentation was titled “National Laboratory of Space and Automotive Engineering (LN-INGEA)”. He began with an introduction to UNAM’s School of Engineering and its history, with the purpose of tracing the development of the laboratory back to its origins. Then, he explained the importance of the laboratory for the development of aerospace engineering at a national and international levels.

Finally, the event closed with a few words from Ana Elena González, who thanked the participants of the seminar and expressed interest in furthering the collaboration between the UNAM and the University of Nottingham.