4, 11, 18 and 25 March, 2021 📆
🇬🇧 15h / 🇲🇽 9h 📌

4 March, 2021
“Industry 4.0 at Manchester Metropolitan University”
Dr. Carl Diver – Academic Lead Industry 4.0

“High Performance Diffuser for Small DAWT’s; and Experimental Validation Method Proposal”
Dr. Jesús Alejandro Franco Piña – Renewable energy, ENES Juriquilla

11 March, 2021
“Biomedical Engineering
*Development of an Additively Manufactured Prosthesis Socket with an Auxetic Liner
*Auxetic Materials for Protective Equipment”
Dr. Tom Allen & Dr. Oliver Duncan

“Microscale Modelling and Wind Resource Assessment”
Dr. Quetzalcóatl Cruz Hernández Escobedo – Renewable energy, ENES Juriquilla

18 March, 2021
“Experimental and Computational Study of Cardiovascular and Vascular Mechanics”
Dr. Jiling Feng

“Parallel and Efficient Construction of Acceleration Structures for Ray Tracing in Real-time”
Dr. Ulises Olivares Pinto – Technology, ENES Juriquilla

25 March, 2021
“Federated Deep Learning for Botnet Attack Detection in Critical Infrastructure”
Segun Isaiah Popoola

“Modelling of Skin Injuries to Analyse Protective Padding in Rugby”
Syed Adil Imam

“Bioactive Calcium Phosphate Materials Applied to Bone Tissue Engineering”
Dra. Criseida Ruiz Aguilar – Technology, ENES Juriquilla