The Department of Spanish of UNAM-UK, also known as the Centre for Mexican Studies in the United Kingdom, offers a wide range of projects in three areas: teaching, certification and teacher training.

UNAM UK provides conversation courses for different levels of Spanish proficiency. We promote the use of the Dicho y Hecho book series, the system that UNAM created to learn Spanish as a foreign language ( UNAM UK can also create tailored courses, for instance, Spanish for nurses and Spanish for lawyers.

UNAM UK will also organise the veranos e inviernos puma, where the UNAM community and external applicants will be able to come to London and take part in social programs in an English speaking country, which will help them improve their English skills.

Concerning certification, UNAM UK is interested in promoting SIELE, a system created by Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Instituto Cervantes and the Universidad de Buenos Aires that evaluates and certifies levels of Spanish language.

Lastly, regarding teacher training, we have a wide range of workshops for those who teach Spanish as a foreign language, in themes such as dialectology and teaching technologies, among others.