17 September 2021

It all started in elementary school. I remember playing the recorder -the instrument that most Mexicans “learn” to play in elementary schools. My fascination with such an instrument was too high that I played in every spare moment when I was not doing homework, eating or sleeping. It was so much my pleasure that on some occasions my family suggested that I rest -I imagine that rest was for them too. Soon there were some clues about what my future and my passion would be: My father decided to teach me the hymn for his high school, which he had a hard time learning at his school in the Balbuena neighborhood of CDMX. However, it took me just a couple of minutes to learn the tune “by ear”, and it became my favorite tune for a few months.

What fate had prepared for me was the arrival of a gazette from the Municipal House of Culture to my home. It would be a big lie on my part if I said that people read such brochures, but on that occasion, perhaps one of thousands of opportunities, my mother saw a municipal musical group advertised, so she asked me if I wanted to attend music classes. My answer was obvious. A resounding yes that changed my life forever.

That is how my musical study began. I started with music theory classes, but before that I had to choose which instrument I would play. The clarinet was the closest thing, at least in position, to the recorder, but fate insisted that the flute would be the right thing to do. After some clarinet lessons and a lot of broken reeds, I knew it wasn’t my instrument. Later I tried to learn to play the violin but it was very painful and I did not enjoy it. Then he introduced me to the piccolo, a much smaller and sharper flute, and that’s how I started to play. I had the great fortune to participate in an orchestra from a very young age and to date it is what I like to do the most.

Step by step the doors were opening, but facing the new challenges implied a greater commitment and effort. Master Ulises Oropeza recommended to my parents that I enter the School of Initiation of the Ollin Yoliztli Cultural Complex. It was there that I met my beloved teacher Julieta Cedillo, who to date is my mentor and figure to follow. Thanks to her, I was fulfilling each of my dreams that always seemed impossible: from Ollin I went to the National Conservatory of Music (CNM), I auditioned for the OSIM (Children’s Symphony Orchestra of Mexico) and I made tours throughout the country, I entered as a scholar at the Carlos Chávez School Orchestra (OECCh), I graduated from both the CNM and the OECCh, I was invited with the Eduardo Mata University Youth Orchestra (OJUEM) to the tour in New York, performing at the UN Headquarters.

My most recent journey was through London after having won the 3rd Anglo Arts -City Music Foundation Scholarship. I learned many things musically and personally, and now that I look back I only have total gratitude for the support I have received from institutions, teachers, and most importantly, my family.

I hope to return to London very soon, this time as a student enrolled in some of the most important schools.

Mi historia - Marcos Nicolás Sosa-2